Monday, November 17, 2008

Flinging the Poop Back Uphill

I know this is supposed to be an "only music" blog and I want to avoid having it be a stump for my convoluted personal views, but this is something that strikes me so hard that I have got to share.

I recently received a rather nasty letter from a creditor stating, in very unpleasant terms, that certain actions were going to be taken against me should I not do such and such. I have explained to them, on several occasions, the hit that I have received due to the recent economic crisis, and that the majority of money that I receive through the music business and my work in restaurants is solely dependent on others (much more fortunate than me) having expendable income. When they hurt, I hurt, and my creditors do not get paid. Simple enough?

The truth is that I have decided to not be angry at the customer service rep who sent me that less than cordial letter. Instead I (and I wish to suggest that the customer service reps and middle managers of the world do the same) will admit that shit rolls downhill and look uphill to the ones who dealt it.

The person putting the pressure on me to make payment is not acting on their own. They are getting wrenched by their superiors to collect who is then, in turn, getting the dictate by someone higher than middle management to put the screws into customer customer service. On and on it goes... and where shit starts... you soon will know.

The realization to be had in all of this is that if you (the downtrodden little Dung Beetle that you are) keep rolling that ball of filth uphill, you will eventually get to the guy or gal who is the cause of all this economic mess to begin with. Even more startling is that the creator of the turd at the top of the hill, most likely, just received their share of a $700 billion bailout, so that he or she won't be hindered in sending those curly little poops our way.

Now answer me this. When you are busted flat in Baton Rouge (New Orleans actually, but thanks Kris K.), with no groceries, with no gas, with a customer service rep breathing down your neck, and the guy who caused your downfall shows up in a brand new pair of 700 billion dollar shoes and asks you for your last dime; what do you do? My answer isn't appropriate (even for the Internet).

Thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to become some of the most savvy consumers in our history. Information is continually coming our way so that even the sting of "Capitalism run wild" can be dealt with. We even have the opportunity as the meek of the Earth to do something that so few meek as we have been able to do. ORGANIZE!!! For once, we as a group of downhill turd collectors can start flinging the poo back uphill at the dirt-hole from whence it came. And please, don't simply try to fling it at the monkey on the next rung up from you. Fling if far. Fling it hard. Wall Street, here's mud in your eye.

If you are reading this, Please drop a comment and let me know what you think. There's no need to remain silent on this topic. Drop a line!!!

And lighten the mood...ladies and gentlemen...Johnny Cash


Abandonship said...

I've been there man. I've actually been weathering the storm fairly well (it pays to not have any investments right now). What do we do, though? If we took that 700 billion and divvied it up between the 301,139,947 people in the US, every person would receive $2,324 apiece. Subtract the top ten percent which don't deserve it, and the rest of us receive $2,583. In the latter case, I would get back what I pay in taxes every year (before refund).
That couple of grand per person would stimulate the economy in multiple ways. It would allow those of us in debt to get the bastards off our backs, which would in turn release some of the credit freeze. Just a thought.

chriscurrymusic said...

I think Peter Tosh from the Wailers called it "the Shitstem" instead of the system. The bill collector's gig is to push on you, but not from any sort of place of rationality. It's just predicated on your being any sort of inclined to believe he/she's acting in good faith.
Having represented myself in a pre-trial hearing for a lawsuit from a well-known collection agency - let just say I'm Brer Rabbit and civil court is the briar patch. At least they have to speak/act in good faith under the auspices of the court.
(To echo what you said, so much to add that isn't fit for the inter-web).