Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on Indonesian Rockabilly

After my post on RESCUE, the Indonesian Rockabilly band, I did a bit more searching and found an entire rockin' Indonesian "Billie" subculture.

Do you mind if I go ahead and coin the term "Rockabali?" Maybe "Psych

Anyways, the "Bali Billie" scene has its own retro club called th
e Java Tattoo Club, a close-knit group of Billies and bands, and a label and recording studio called Electrohell. What else does a scene need to thrive? Not much. Shit...New Orleans Billies can't even organize that much.

Keep up the good work guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

beside rescue. there are the hydrant, suicidal sinatra, Albino, desparados bandidos,hillbilly countrybilly, Diamonds are devil, uncle bean band, etc. not forget to mention the tielman brother, a 50's rockabillyband. george harrison's favourite band